• Sorry for having totally been mia for the past couple months! I have been busy with work, and just enjoying life without worrying about posting about it every day. However, recently Anthony and I took a random trip to the LA Zoo and the photos I came away with made me want to share. It was probably our best trip to the zoo yet! It wasn't too hot out, and there weren't that many people there that day, so getting good pictures seemed easy :)

    Los Angeles Zoo //
    5333 Zoo Dr.
    Los Angeles, CA 90027

  • The shop update is in full effect! There are still several products that need to be added, but the ones already available for sale can be found here!

  • Sprinkled donut.

  • I love plant life and all its many beautiful shades of green.

  • Since I haven't posted any photos of our little day trips recently, I thought I would share some things Anthony and I have been doing lately.

    The first photo is from our last quick trip to Santa Barbara. The second was us in LA somewhere running errands. The third and fourth are from our lunch a couple days ago on a rooftop in Santa Monica. And lastly, a picture from a car show we went to several months back.

  • [images via Oh Leander]

  • "Animals are reliable, many full of love,
    true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal.
    Difficult standards for people to live up to."

    -Alfred A. Montapert

  • There is this particular wall I pass every morning with Riley on our morning walk, that I just love. It is painted white brick and covered in vines. I was drawn by the shadows the light is making here, and also by the pretty contrast of the green on white.

  • Seeing as how it is now officially Fall, I thought I'd make a post of all my favorite photos from this past Summer. Anthony and I got to go on some fun weekend trips to Big Bear and San Diego, there were several great beach days, and I worked some amazing events. I'm going to miss all the fun in the sun, but am definitely looking forward to the cooler weather.