• Belated Holiday Trip // Big Bear

    I ended up not being able to request any days off from work this past December, so Anthony and I took a belated holiday trip to Big Bear at the beginning of January! We also decided to take Riley along so she could experience snow for the first time. Our cabin was literally right on the lake, and it had just snowed a couple days before we got there. It was such a fun trip!

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    1. it looks lovely. glad to hear you had a blast. i have yet to visit the snow. hopefully before it all melts away, lol.

    2. What a fun set of photos! Looks like you had a great time. :-)

    3. @ Elizabeth: Hopefully you get to visit the snow soon!

      @ Jhan: It was! Thanks!

    4. such beautiful bright pictures, I think that's my most favourite type of weather, sunny and snowy

    5. what a cute blog!!! really love it!!

      If u want invite u to visit our blog and we can follow each other :)


    6. @ Helen: We got lucky! The weather was perfect for the two days we were there! It had just snowed the day before we arrived, and then for our stay it was the two warmest days of the week at 56°!

      @ AllAboutLife: Thanks so much!

    7. wonderful pictures. I find it funny how those of us who live in winterland, try to escape it, while those of you lucky to live in warmer climate want to experience the cold.

    8. @ Huda: It's funny how we always want what we don't have, isn't it? ;)

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